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Best Gas Trimmer - How To Narrow Your Search

Best Gas Trimmer - How To Narrow Your Search

Specification Summary - Gas Trimmer

  • Gas powered
  • 2 cycle
  • 22cc - 25cc
  • Weed eater that is capable of accepting multiple attachments

Product Recommendations - Gas Trimmer

Gas power head uses

A power head is a 2 cycle, gasoline engine that provides power to various attachments that are typically used around the yard of your house.  This is an absolute must have power tool if you plan to do your own yard work.  Even if you will not do the majority of your landscaping, this tool will come in very handy many times over the course of the year.  Some people will buy edgers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and pruning saws as separate power tools.  However, all these separate tools take up so much extra room in your garage.  If you own the power head, you simply buy the compatible attachments and get to work.  These gasoline power tools pack plenty of strength to get you through all of your landscaping and yard maintenance season after season.  


- Bye bye leaves - 

The leaf blower attachment is essential if you have trees around your yard that drop leaves.  I find it much more efficient to blow the leaves off my grass than raking them.  Even if you do not have a lot trees, if you mow your grass or edge along your driveway, then you know that plenty of dirt and grass clippings end up on your driveway and sidewalk.  The leaf blower powers that stuff away in seconds unlike a broom.

- Fewer branches = fewer leaves -

Trimming tree branches is a breeze with the pruning saw attachment.  The pruning saw is basically a small chain saw at the end of a long pole that attaches to your power head.  When attached, the pruning saw can reach branches upwards of 8’ off the ground.  Some models will even have extension poles that can give you another 3’ of reach!

- Hedging -

Have lots of bushes and hedges along your property?  There’s no need to spend hours of your day lopping all those branches manually with shears.  Simply lock-on your hedge trimmer attachment and make quick work of those bushes.  

- Weeds be gone - 

If you cut your own grass, you need something that trims the grass around trees trunks, posts, fences and flower beds.  This is where the weed eater (weed wacker, trimmer) comes in handy.  There is a spool of thick, plastic string that spins rapidly at the bottom.  This string cuts through the grass in the areas not reached by the lawnmower and easily takes down heavy, thick weeds that have been untended.  

- Need more attachments? - 

There are other attachments like edgers, tillers/cultivators, bush cutters, etc that can be used with your power head.  With so many uses, this is why I think these tools are one of the most useful to have around your home.

Gas trimmer features

Unlike most other power tools, there is not a lot hype around fancy features (or perceived features) with these tools.  They are pretty straight forward and that certainly makes it easier on us when looking to buy one.

- 2 cycle vs. 4 cycle -

One feature to look for is whether the engine is 2 cycle or 4 cycle.  Most of your buying options will be the 2 cycle models and that is all we are looking for anyway.  I know several lawn maintenance professionals and they all use 2 cycle engines for their edgers, trimmers, etc and these guys run their tools for thousands of hours a year.  If a 2 cycle is good enough for them, then it is certainly good enough for us.

- Engine size -

Another feature that you will notice is the “cc” value of the motor.  This will be something like 25cc or 28cc.  The “cc” stands for cubic centimeters and represents the cylinder displacement of the engine.  Do not get too wrapped up in this measurement.  A 22cc to 25 cc engine is great for what you will be doing with it.

- Weighed down -

In my opinion, one of the most important factors in choosing a power head will be how much it weighs.  A 2 cycle, 25 cc power head will weigh 9-10 pounds before adding an attachment and fuel.  It does not sound like much but a model that weighs an extra pound or two will start to feel much heavier after you have spent a few hours in the yard on a hot summer day.  Be sure to check the specifications of the model you are interested in to be sure it falls close to this range.

- Gas brings the power -

Finally, there are corded, cordless and gas powered power heads.  Do not waste your money on a cordless model.  It is not going to have the power you want and I just do not see the batteries being able to handle everything that I throw at mine.  Also, I generally hate dealing with cords and extension cords especially when I am working around the yard.  For me, it is absolutely worth spending the extra money on a gas powered tool.

I am providing a couple recommendations above if you are ready to buy.

Gas trimmer price

You should be able to purchase a power head meeting the specifications noted above for about $100-$130.  Of course, that will not include any of the attachments.  The attachments will cost anywhere from $40 to $100 each depending on what it is.  I would suggest looking for a power head that comes with at least one attachment as this will usually result in a more economical purchase.  You can then buy additional attachments as needed. 


Weed eater brands

Like most power tool product lines, there are quite a few different manufacturers to choose from when it comes to power heads.  Some of the manufacturers in this category cater to the professional landscaper but offer product lines geared toward homeowners as well.  Other manufacturers focus primarily on the homeowner market and try to offer a tool that is as inexpensive as they can possibly make it.  When it comes to power heads and most other power tools, I am a strong believer in the old adage “you get what you pay for.”  I am not saying that the cheap product will not work or will break after a couple uses.  What I will say is that I would not have high expectations that the product is going to last for the long haul or survive being put through fairly heavy use. If you are in a pinch and need something right away and you are just not ready to commit to spending the money on a big brand, then by all means get what you can.  But, I have spent the extra money on the premium brands and I have used tools of the lower end brands and I can say that I notice a difference in quality.

Here are some of the brands I like in this category:

  • Echo
  • Ryobi
  • Toro
  • Husqvarna
  • Poulan

I do not normally recommend Ryobi products because I really do not have much experience with them except in this power tool category.  I have owned a commercial grade Ryobi power head with many attachments for about 7 years.  My previous power head was made by Craftsmen and worked well but when I had to replace it, I was happy to know that all the Craftsmen attachments worked with my Ryobi power head.  I also own a Poulan pole saw and that attachment fits the Ryobi that I have as well.  

If you are interested in “Made In The USA”, it appears that Poulan does manufacture in the US even though they are now owned by Husqvarna, a Swedish company.  Their site said that their products are made in the US so it seems like Poulan may be your best choice if this is what you demand.  Toro is US based and does some manufacturing here but I do not know which products specifically.  On the other hand, Echo appears to have started in US but is now owned by a Japanese company but I could not track down any manufacturing location information.  

Weed trimmer attachments & accessories

I have already mentioned in detail all of the different attachments available for your power head so I will not go into again here.  However, there will be a few additional things you will need.  First, since these run on gasoline you will need a gas container.  I would suggest one that holds at least one gallon of gas.  Second, these power tools require 2 cycle engine oil so be sure to add some of this to your cart as well.  Nothing fancy needed here as most 2 cycle engine oil will work just fine.  If you buy the chain saw attachment you will also need some bar and chain oil to go along with it (a small bottle will last you a while).  Finally, the weed eater will require some trimmer string so if the trimmer attachment does not come with any, you will want to get a spool.  Again, nothing fancy and you will not need a large amount.  A spool containing 30’ to 40’ is more than enough.

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